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Glossary | nFinite Consulting


We at nFinite Consulting believe in education.  We believe that the non-tech people of the world can learn anything with technology.  We want you to be informed and empower you.

Backup - Backup of your data is one of the most essential tools to protect your business.  We all make mistakes.  Backup saves us from ourselves and from the other things we can't control.

Business Continuity - This term refers to how your business functions in the event of a minor or major disaster.  For example, in the event of a fire, traditional phone lines would be down and you could not receive calls for your business.  If you had VoIP phones, you would not miss any call to your business in the event of a fire or localized disaster in your city.

The Cloud - The cloud refers to your data that is stored at another physical location somewhere on the internet.  While the term cloud implies it's up in the sky, we can assure you that it most definitely lives on the ground and is generally protected in robust data centers that have designed themselves to protect against disaster.

Disaster Recovery - These are the steps required to return your business back to normal operation after a disaster, man-made or otherwise.

Security - The methods and tools that you protect your business from external and internal forces looking to steal or destroy your data.

Technology is our passion.  You are not just another client.  You and your business matters!

We would love to sit down and talk about how we can help your business succeed.

Technology Excellence at All Times.

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