We at nFinite Consulting believe in education.  We believe that the non-tech people of the world can learn anything with technology.  We want you to be informed and empower you.  

Disaster Recovery - In short, how do you go about recovering your data in the event of a man-made or act of God?  How long does it take to get back to normal?

Business Continuity - This term refers to the pieces of your business that continue working in the event of a disaster.  While the major parts of your business are recovering, what is working?

Backup - Simply put, how do you protect your data?  Do you backup to tape, disk, the cloud?

Network Security - The methods and tools that you protect your business from external and internal forces looking to steal or destroy your data.

The Cloud - The cloud refers to your data that is stored at another physical location somewhere on the internet.  While the term cloud implies it's up in the sky, we can assure you that it most definitely lives on the ground and is generally protected in robust data centers that have designed themselves to protect against disaster.

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