Glossary: Disaster Recovery

What is Business Continuity?

Business Continuity is the process by which a business plans for how an organization will continue to operate in case of a serious event or disaster.  A thorough Business Continuity plan will have a complete understanding of all the elements of how a business operates and how the loss of any one of those elements affect the business’s ability to resume normal operation should the unthinkable happen.

Planning, prevention, and preparation are major factors of any Business Continuity plan.  Identifying the critical aspects of the business, potential risks, and threats are vitally important.  Exploring factors inside and out of the business can affect the extent of the planning and contingencies for any business.  It is vital that a small business explore as much as possible when going through any planning.

Typical disasters are often though of in terms of natural or technical disasters.  Fire and flood, human error creating data loss, server crashes, and virus infection are examples of these.  In addition, factors such as  socio-economic factors such as stock market crashes or supply issues must be considered as well.

Business Continuity


Small Business often do not think disaster will happen to them.  In order to avoid this trap, you must plan effectively.  This means talking with all departments of your business.  Understanding how all the parts of your small business interact with one another is key to minimizing the impact of a disaster on your business.

nFiniteConsulting will help you develop a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan that will save your business in the event of an event.  Big or Small.  We do this by creating thorough documentation of your network, identifying the weak spots, and creating a solution that makes your business ready to face anything.  We have seen disaster, it’s ugly, it’s scary.  It can ruin your business.  Call us today to help plan for another tomorrow.

Technology is our passion.  You are not just another client.  You and your business matters!

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