Enterprise level IT Consulting for the Small Business

Getting effective technology help and consulting when you need it is the key to keeping your business running.  So often, small businesses in Indianapolis have lingering technology issues that slow down productivity and/or stop it altogether.  Their IT company just does things.  Never communicating and documenting what they are doing.  An Indianapolis small business won't know if their data is backed up.  Do they have proper virus protection?  Account logins and passwords are written down on scrap paper next to the monitor for anyone to steal.  They had a website setup and never bothered to look at it again. nFinite Consulting can help with organizing your small business's digital assets.  Using technology to help organize your every day and beyond.Small Business Technology Help

We remove the cloud of confusion in regards to technology in your small business.  This is achieved by getting a thorough understanding of your network environment by documenting your network.  We then present you with a report of the weak spots in your small business's IT network.  This then allows us to begin to move forward with Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity consulting and planning. Small Business IT Consulting

nFinite Consulting helps you look at how technology can help your Indianapolis small business succeed in ways you may not have considered or didn't have the expertise to achieve.  Do you want to use Office 365 but don't know what will happen to your existing email?  Want to use cloud storage but have no idea what that means?  Does your computer crash often for no apparent reason?  Is your data backed up?  Where does it go when it's backed up?  How many copies do you have?  Have you ever tried to restore a file from your backup?

We can help.  All these questions will be answered and more!  We have 24 years of experience covering all aspects of technology.  We can help with Networking, Microsoft technologies, Active Directory, Backup, Disaster Recovery, website/domain administration, office moves, and asset management, and so much more.  We want to help you get back to your business.


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