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Small Business Network and Data Security | nFinite Consulting

Our Philosophy: Security

Is your small business data and network safe and secure?

Is your data and network secure?  Do you have proper security for how you communicate and store the information that your small business creates and receives?  Cyber attacks, data theft, and identity theft damages are going to cost businesses $6 trillion annually by 2021.  This number continues to grow because of the amount of businesses rushing to join the internet age in every way they can without knowing how they are exposing their data nor how to protect their data.

nFinite Consulting knows this.  We know that the world of technology is a confusing and overwhelming place.  We know that you have a business to run and do not have time to keep up with every unknown twist and turn that our digital lives encounter.  We are here to help you not only understand but to protect your data and your network along the way with industry best practice standards.   Using our comprehensive documentation and analysis process, we develop a complete picture of your small business's network and data, which allows us to create a report for you that is clearly and easily understood.

We are with you every step of the way to securing your data and your network.  Change is hard and security is definitely change.  We help ease the transition through time saving techniques and advice on how to streamline your small business's use of technology, while not compromising safety.

Your data and your network.  Safe.

nFinite Consulting will keep your secure your data and network.  Computers, laptops, phones, or the cloud - your data will be safe.

There is no such thing as too much security in this vast internet age.  The more we put our digital selves on the internet, the bigger a target we become.  We must protect ourselves and our business's.


Technology is our passion.  You are not just another client.  You and your business matters!

We would love to sit down and talk about how we can help your business succeed.

Technology Excellence at All Times.

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