Why are backups so important?

Network Backups, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity are the most vital pieces of any network solution.  These solutions control how quickly your business can recover in the event of a disaster.  It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.  Disasters come in many forms, big and small.  From a simple power outage, to human error deleting a file, to full fledged natural disaster resulting in loss of building and equipment.  Are you prepared for when these events happen?  What is the first thing you would do if your network is down?  These are important questions that any business owner should be able to answer.

In our experience backups are often be taken for granted until there is a crisis and the realization that the backup strategy in place isn’t good enough.  Backup solutions are not tested, humans don't monitor them, and all facets of a business's technology requirements are not fully understood.  Did you know that 65% of small/medium size businesses don't have a disaster recovery plan in place?  That 87% of companies that lose access to their corporate data for more than seven days go out of business in a year?  That 30% of all businesses that have a major fire go out of business within a year?







nFinite Consulting can walk though different backup scenarios and options, helping to identify what you need to do in order to give you a robust strategy for disaster recovery and business continuity planning.  We evaluate you requirements and present you a solution that fits your business.  

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